About The Owner

Dear Valued Customers,

As the proud owner of Signature Garage Doors & Gates Inc., I would like to explain to you the history and background of how Signature became one of the most respected garage door and gate companies in all greater Los Angeles. We have received numerous awards for our excellence in customer service and have a 5 star rating on Yelp!. Our customers manage to complete reviews for us on sites all around the web expressing just how content they are with our service, needless to say, Signature understands and values the business customers tend to us.

Being a garage door and gate technician myself for over half a decade, I realized companies out there existed for the sole purpose of making money through scams, false promises and appalling customer service. With no value of customer service or company pride, customers were constantly being ripped-off in front of my eyes. I was extremely eager to find an honest and reputable company to work for. Since I was unable to find a company worth trusting, I decided to take it upon myself to make customers my company’s one priority. I stand here to bring you Signature Garage Doors & Gates Inc., one of the most respected companies in all of Southern California.

Not only is my passion for garage door and gates but for customer service as well. I find it relieving to know my team and I did all that we can to help a customer in need. I believe that if my company stands here today it is because of the fact that we provide nothing less than outstanding customer service. What does this mean?

Signature’s definition of “Customer Service”:

Declining no customer based on location, time of the day or length of repair/replacement. Providing ALL consumers of everything they may need to know about their garage door and gate prior to and after a repair replacement/offering advice on how to fix the issue in the future. Customers receive 100% honesty in regards to prices, products and quotes. If the customer is unsatisfied, we guarantee one’s money back/customer does not pay and our team will do everything to make sure your experience was a pleasant one.

We sincerely hope you give us the chance to show you just how excellent customer service should be done.