Gate Repair & Installation

The perimeter of your home or business is in most cases fenced up. The entrance access points can be small gates designed for walk-ins or large Gates design to open using a remote control system.

Entry Gates serve as protective element to your valuables. It is also the first thing your visitors get to see first as they arrive at your property. A well maintained Entry Driveway Gate can reflect on how well you care for your home.  When you come across problems with your Driveway Gate, it can turn out to be one of the most annoying things a busy parent can experience. One call to our specialist can help you solve many issues over the phone however; in more than a few occasions one of our Signature team specialists will need to come out to your location and help you solve the problem.

Not all problems are created equal and we treat each call with great care and attentiveness.

New Driveway Gates are a treat to design, build and install. Our clients in can come up with a simple drawing on a napkin and a few weeks later see their idea become into a big beautiful Gate installed at their home or business driveway entry.

Iron Gates are built into some amazing pieces of art and functionality. The sky is the limit and entire project can get very interesting.  We just love it!


Repairing a Broken Gate could be as simple as adjusting and lubricating a chain drive however, in other cases, it could be more complicated and in need of additional work and parts. At each stage, our technician will provide you with all the details that will help you make the best choice. Our work is based on your decision, it is our duty to inform you of any “out of the ordinary situation”.

Regardless of the location or purpose of the gate on your property, there are several issues that may likely be blamed for causing a gate to malfunction.

Some of the most common problems associated with broken gates include:

  1. Open gates that cannot remain closed
  2. Broken locks
  3. Bent Gates
  4. Sagging and or warped gates
  5. Missing or broken paneling

No matter what difficulty you are experiencing with your gate, it is in your best interest to have it repaired as soon as possible.

Safety comes first and at every step of our job we make sure that all safety steps and considerations are taken into account for the safety or our team, clients and nearby patrons.

Our Team is ready to make your experience a Signature Service, call or email us today for diagnoses or quote today! +1(888) 933- DOOR/3667.

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