Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage Door Spring is a very important part for a proper operation of an Overhead Garage Door. Regardless of the gate material: Wood, Metal or Aluminum. They all must have a counter balance mechanism to help the motor lift the Door with ease and, when the motor is not functioning; a person can pull it up with a reasonable force.

The idea is simple, since it Garage Door is heavy, engineers looked for an efficient and safe method to use as a counter force to the weight of the door. Using weights are used as a counter balancing element in the operation of elevators and can be used in gates as well. Some very heavy gated in industrial structures are fitted with weights however for Residential Garage Doors it was not so practical. The solution is a high carbon steel rod which is coiled into a Spring.

The spring was an excellent choice; it was small, flexible and could be manufactured to meet the range of tension force needed to counter the weight of the Garage Doors.

The diameter of the steel rod determined the strength of the garage door Spring. The bigger it is, the more tension weight it can hold.

The spring is indeed a good choice however; material tends to get “tired”. The repetitive use of the spring, temperature fluctuations, vibrations and lack of lubrication ultimately cause the Garage Door Spring to Break.

A Broken Garage Door Spring Must be Replaced Promptly.

Your door could jam and cause a dangerous situation.

Our advice is to contact Signature as soon as possible and arrange for one of our trained Garage Doors Specialist to come and fix your door.

Garage Doors are a great addition to your home and business and you relay on it to do its job every day, night for 365 day. When you click your Garage Door Remote Control, you expect your door to open. The moment you click and the door is making strange noises or no movement or noise are evident, then you know you must Call a Garage Door Technician

No matter what difficulty you are experiencing with your Garage Door, it is in your best interest to have it repaired as soon as possible.

Safety comes first and at every step of our job we make sure that all safety steps and considerations are taken into account for the safety or our team, clients and nearby patrons.

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